Question: Do you carry a new fill in the blank Firearm

Answer: We carry a variety of new guns but not everything.  We have found most customers want / need something slightly different, so we use 4 major distributors to procure customer specific firearms in 2-3 business days.

Question:  How much does it cost to fix / refurbish / customize my firearm?

Answer: We do not provide estimates over the phone.  However, our Gunsmith can provide a free estimate to match your specific request when you bring the firearm to the store.

Question: Can I pawn my firearm?

Answer: Yes .... However, we do not provide pawn estimates over the phone since condition has a major impact on pricing.  If you bring your firearm into the store, our Gunsmith can provide a value based estimate to determine pawn value.

Question:  Do you have layaway terms?

Answer: We do have a layaway program.  20% down and 90 days same as cash.

Question: Do you take credit cards?

Answer: Yes ... but all our prices are cash.  Credit cards accepted with a 3.5% premium added to purchase.

Question: What do you charge to fix my firearm?

Answer:  Bring your firearm into the store to get a free estimate for both cost and time needed.  Since gun cleaning jobs usually involve gun fixing, the gunsmith work rate for all new work after October 1, 2018 is $60/hr.